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Q Sat Connecting Businesses

Q Sat provides connectivity to businesses across Ireland and the UK. Q Sat is an authorised reseller of Netcelero, a leading edge bonded broadband solution. Q Sat combines our Fibre, DSL, satellite and 3/4G services for a high performance connection through Netcelero, with intelligent resilience.

Launched in August 2011, Q Sat provides a choice of connectivity solutions to help our customers stay ahead of the curve. We currently have over 1000 SME and CCTV satellite customers and 5000 residential customers in Ireland and the UK, particularly in remote and rural locations.

By delivering excellent customer service in tandem with a multitude of technologies, we are able to offer the right solution, first time, to any business.


"We were told by Eircom that we were too far out and they couldn't reach us. We tried all the dongles and got nothing. We are delighted now we have broadband and it is working perfectly."
“Q Sat was our last chance. We had tried all conventional methods and nothing had worked. We were so fed up. Now we are telling all our friends to get Q Sat. The installation was done quickly and professionally and they set us up with a wireless router so we can use it anywhere in the house. It's brilliant!.”
 “We are very pleased with the service. It has worked perfectly since the day we had it installed and we have had no problems. Just constant broadband”
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