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Did you know it can take Eircom 5 days to repair a fault on your connection?Can you afford to be without your primary internet connection for that long?

    • Q Sat's Internet Continuity product range keeps companies connected to the Internet when the primary (fixed line) connection fails. The two-way satellite technology ensures that there is no single point of failure and connection to the internet is always maintained. Whether you're running a network for a small business, distributed office or a multi-national enterprise, Q Sat has a product that fits the bill, to keep you online at all times.

      • Patented Office Continuity solution Automatically takes over when the primary connection fails Up to 15Mbps down, 2.5Mbps up Maintains Internet access, email services, downloading files & a host of other critical functions Continuity Restores connectivity & instantly re-propagates IP addresses Available anywhere Q Sat has nationwide coverage, meaning you can stay connected no matter where you are

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